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Our tarmac restoration service is the answer.

For specialist tarmac restoration look no further than Phoenix Surface Care. We deliver professional repairs and restoration services for tarmac, no matter what size or style. Our fully trained team of restorers have years of experience and know it’s vital for tarmac to be regularly maintained and protected from wear and different weather conditions.

smart seal approved concrete tarmac tinting service london

Tarmac, like any external surface over time can begin to look unsightly if not cared for properly. Once the resin is gone the surface begins to look tired and worn, leaving it unprotected from wear and damaged from the elements. Phoenix Surface Care have the knowledge and experience to restore tarmac surfaces so they look fresh and vibrant again.


We will perform a thorough clean of the tarmac surface, then we begin repairing and restoring. We use Smart Seal approved products and the best tools to ensure a quality finish, all to customer satisfaction. Then we apply sealing products that seep into surface, providing long lasting protection. Tarmac surfaces are re-sealed every 3-5 years to maintain the protection and get the best from your surface. Sealers enhance the colour of your tarmac while protecting it from UV lighting. We have a range of different finishes so you can be sure to find what suits your needs.

We are cost effective and we do our best to give our customers competitive prices they can afford, while making sure all work is completed to the highest standards. For more information contact Phoenix Surface Care via our contact number or fill out our online form.


Allow Us To Protect And Restore Your Surfaces To There Former Glory.
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