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Phoenix Surface Care are roof cleaning specialists in Sidcup and South East London. We know how to carefully clean and restore the roof at your home or commercial property. Roof cleaning is one of our most frequently used services and our team of experts have the best tools and equipment to deal with harmful infestations that appear on roof surfaces such as moss, fungus, lichen, mildew, and algae that will thrive on rooftops. With roof surfaces being an area that we do not see day-to-day, it is easy not to notice these until an issue arises. Leaves and dirt build-up and provide the perfect damp and warm breeding ground for troublesome growths. Aggressive bacteria can erode roofing materials over time. Once these growths become visible to the occupant of the building, the problem is often substantial.


A high powered, water pressure cleaning system can damage the tiles on your roof and some cleaning equipment has poor reach that can require complicated roof access. At Phoenix Surface Care we combine market leading cleaning equipment and top of the range cleaning products that are expertly applied to ensure roof surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned from ground or gutter level without the risk of damaging the your roof surface.


Roof cleaning can not only enhance the appearance of your property, but also can extend the life of your roof surface. Whether you simply want your home to look well maintained and ensure the integrity of your roof is maximised to avoid costly repairs, or you are simply wanting to improve the appearance before selling a property, Phoenix Surface Care is here to help. For more information contact us on via our contact number or fill out our online QUOTE REQUEST FORM.

Allow Us To Protect And Restore Your Surfaces To There Former Glory.
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