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At Phoenix Surface care we provide patio cleaning services and long lasting protective treatments, in Sidcup and surrounding areas. A patio should be an appealing inviting space and the perfect place to relax with family, friends, and a great spot for outdoor entertainment. It can also be hard to maintain and become overrun if its not properly managed. Our professional team would start with tailor made plan to clean, and rid your patio of organic matter like moss, weeds, Algae, dirt and debris. Patios can also become faded from the from UV light, wear from the weather and the elements. We have treatments to helping protect your surfaces from fading, giving them long lasting protection for years to come. We use Smart seal five star approved sealers to protect your patio and combat further organic growth, so you have a patio that looks like new and has long lasting protection.


Our team have more than enough experience with patios to deal with of all types of materials, textures and patterns, from the very popular natural stone to patios made of concrete, limestone, granite and slate. We have the knowledge and skills to bring your patio back to life, making it a focal point of your garden or front of house again. If your patio appears in need of restoration, we have the solution. Our Smart seal approved fitters will work with you to determine the best treatment for your patio. Work will be carried out quickly and professionally, leaving you to enjoy your patio all year round. It is advised that patios are sealed between 3 & 5 years to ensure they are protected. The protective sealant will begin to wear away after some time, so re-applications are recommended.

We at Phoenix Surface Care take great pride in every patio we restore. We also make sure all work is completed in a safe and timely manner. Our main priority is customer satisfaction so our patio services are priced to suit your needs. We are cost effective and we do our best to give our customers competitive prices they can afford, while making sure all work is completed to the highest standards. For more information contact us on via our contact number or fill out our online form.


Allow Us To Protect And Restore Your Surfaces To There Former Glory.
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