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For decking cleaning in Sidcup and South East London look no further than Phoenix surface Care. Over the last decade or so decking has become hugely popular in the uk. With regular maintenance it decking makes your garden a great place to relax with family and friends. At the same time, if its not correctly cared for it will dry out and overtime the colour will begin to fade. On top of which, the uk’s climate is damp, so when decking becomes wet and slippery the surface will become hazardous to walk on. 


At Phoenix Surface Care our team of experts apply a treatment of high purity biocide which soaks into the wood and gives lasting protection against regrowth of organic matter like mould, fungi , wet and dry rot ,weeds, algae, lichen, moss and dirt. After your decking has been treated the wood will last much longer as the product seals and protects. We use low pressure cleaning tools so your decking never at risk of being damaged by high pressure machines and our experienced team provide a premium service that is second to none, with customer satisfaction being our number one priority.   

Phoenix Surface Care are cost effective and we do our best to give customers competitive prices they can afford, while making sure all work is completed to the highest standards. For more information contact us on via our contact number or fill out our online form.

Allow Us To Protect And Restore Your Surfaces To There Former Glory.
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